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Tracklist: 01     Let It Down 02     Cajun River 03     The Fox 04     My Life Is Burning 05     Hasta La Vista 06     Gotta Go 07     Eldorado 08     Rock O’La 09     Love On The Screen 10     Breakdown Limousine 11     Little Jimmy Musicians: Phil “Mezcal” Marseille Jean-Etienne “Jet” Loose Yvan Ackermann Michel “Mitch” Sanchez All Songs written by Phil “Mezcal” Marseille Recorded at Tone House by Geoffrey “Joe” Dauptain Mixed by Jean-Etienne “Jet” Loose and mastered at Universal Records/Paris by Jonas “Soldano” Turbeaux Cover Design by Ess Graphics Photography by Greg Robin
  4:45   4:23   3:58   4:47   5:11   4:50   5:06   4:13   4:38   3:48   3:30
CD 14,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00019-2011
MAILORDER       Pages: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
All Rhythm- and Lead-Guitars; Dobro; Harmonica & Lead-Vocals Spanish Guitar on Track 7 All Drums Bass
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CHRIS HOLIMAN The Sailor’s Daughter
CD 12,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00020-2011
CD 12,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00021-2011
Tracklist: 01     Ride Through Sky 02     Dark Night Tonight 03     Out Of Her Arms 04     The Sailor’s Daughter 05     Two Of A Kind 06     Things Fall Apart 07     Swan Song 08     Bartender Blues 09     Christmas Lights 10     Running This World 11     End Of The Night 12     Silent Now Musicians: Chris Holiman Gene Ruley Tom Larkins Neil Harry Joey Burns Nick Luca Bridget Keating All Words and Songs written by Chris Holiman; except Track 8 written by James Taylor Recorded at Luca Studios; except Tracks 3 & 12 recorded at 7 n 7 by Randy McReynolds Mixed by Craig Schumacher Manufactured & Printed by Disc Makers Front Cover Artwork painted by Valerie Gallaway Inside Photo by Britta Van Rankin Mud-Time Music, BMI
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals Electric Guitars Drums Pedal Steel Cello & Stand-up Bass Bass, B-3-Hammond, Electric Piano, Accordion Violin on Track 3 4:56   4:44   4:03   2:40   5:52   5:29   3:33   2:54   4:19   3:24   3:58   4:50
Tracklist: 01     Through The Storm 02     Forever Seventeen 03     Black Velvet Postcard 04     Innocent June 05     Dark Stroll 06     Asleep Behind The Wheel 07     Good Folks Gone Away 08     Rhytmn To The World 09     Summer Showers 10     Mary (Queen Of Hearts) 11     Phoenix 99 Musicians: Christopher Alan Holiman Caitlin von Schmidt Gene Ruley Peter Catalanotte Rainer Ptacek All Songs written by Chris Holiman [Mud-Time Music (BMI)]; except Track 11: Lyrics by Chris Holiman, Music by Chris Holiman & Gene Ruley; Track 3 + 7 by Caitlin von Schmidt [Minglewood Music (ASCAP)] Recorded at Sound Factory Engineered by Steve English Mixed by Eric Westfall Produced by River Roses Photos by Kate Donovan Jacket Design by Caitlin von Schmidt Bug Music
Guitar, Piano, Vocals Bass, Vocals Guitar Drums Dobro on Track 3
4:37   3:03   2:07   3:12   4:09   2:39   5:06   4:18   3:21   4:34   4:33 Songbeispiele - Songsamples
STEFAN SAFFER From Rebellion To Redemption ... And Then Back!
CD 11,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00022-2012
Tracklist: 01     White Line Fever 02     Another Passerby 03     Monday 4pm 04     Sweet Angel Melina 05     Gonna Be Some Trouble Tonite 06     If I Lay Me Down 07     These Days 08     Ramblin’ Highway 9 Blues 09     Muddy Water, Heavy Rain And Dirty Ground 10     Berlin City Serenade Musicians: Stefan Saffer (vocals, electric + acoustic guitars, harmonica) Toralf Friesecke (dobro, accordeon, trumpet, guitar, vocals) Ulrich Mücke (upright bass) Sergio Stiletto (pedal steel) Angela Hofmann (harmony vocals) Hans-Jürgen “Hansi” Hölzel (piano, accordeon) Kerstin Braun (drums, percussion, mandolin, vocals, fiddle) Laura Bean (vocals, mandolin) Mareike Greb (vovals) Marcus Heinzig (drums) Stephan Groth (hurdy gurdy) All Songs by Stefan Saffer All Rights reserved by Stefan Saffer @ Jaywalks-Music
RED BLOOMS No Place Like Home
CD 11,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00023-2012
Tracklist: 01     Woodstock’s Gone 02     Calling To The Wind 03     Moving On 04     Secret Path 05     Buried In The Past 06     Dust And Stones 07     Make It Home 08     Lebowski’s 09     Over The Hills 10     No Good 11     Under The Pines 12     The Darkest Of The Days 13     Wasteland 14     Back Home Musicians: Alexander “Alex” Wurlitzer (Gitarre) Anna Reiland (Vocals) Silas Hofmüller (Bass) Maria Hofmüller (Schlagzeug) Ambrosius (Geige) Songs 1-6, 9, 12-14 by Alexander Wurlitzer Songs 7, 8, 10, 11 by Red Blooms All Rights reserved by Red Blooms @ Cactus Rock Records
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Tracklist: 01     Feuerland 02     Tata 03     Barcelona 04     Who Do You Love? 05     Das Einzige Was Bleibt 06     Am Ende Der Welt 07     Hippie & New Wave 08     Mit Engels Zungen 09     Verrückt Nach Dir 10     Verliebt In Eine Geste 11     Phantasmogaria Musicians: Mathias Schüller (Gesang, Gitarre, Orgel) Heinz-Bernd Hövelmann (Gitarre) Arnold Rissel (Bass) Klaus Baumgart (Schlagzeug) Alle Songs und Texte von Mathias Schüller Aufgenommen, gemischt und gemastert von Marcus Holzapfel Cover Design und Fotos von Ron Franke All Rights reserved by Mathias Schüller @ Cactus Rock Records
CD 12,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00024-2012
MATHIAS SCHÜLLER & Band Das Winterfell des Leguan
MATHIAS SCHÜLLER & Band Der Goldene Plan
CD 5,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00026-2012
CD 5,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00025-2012
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LISA NOVAK Can’t Go Back
CD 10,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00027-2012
Tracklist: 01     The Way It Was 02     Ms Hyde 03     Giving It All To You 04     Leap Of Faith 05     Please Forgive Me 06     The Dance 07     For You Musicians: Lisa Novak (Lead- and Backing Harmony Vocals, Acoustic-, Electric- and                                                                 Baritone-Guitar, Percussion) Rich Hopkins (Electric- and Acoustic-Guitar, Backing Vocals on Track 6) Jon Sanchez (Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer) Duane Hollis (Bass Guitar) Alan Anderson (Drums) Ken Andree (Bass Guitar on Track 4) Falcon “Paul” Valdez (Drums and Percussion on Track 4) Lars Goransson (Bass and Synthesizer on Track 6) All Songs written by Lisa Novak, except Track 4 & Track 6 by Hopkins/Novak Produced by Lisa Novak & Rich Hopkins Recorded @ Loveland Studio Tucson/ Az and Sounds Outrageous Austin/ Tx Engineered by Thomas Beech, Nathan Sabatino and Lars Goransson Mixed by Lars Goransson Mastered by Dave Shirk Tempe/ Az Design by Inside Photos by Rich Hopkins Gemini Star Publishing, BMI and God Sham Music All Rights reserved by Lisa Novak & CACTUS ROCK RECORDS
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  3:50   5:02   4:00   4:06   5:14   4:02   3:07  
LISA NOVAK Too Shallow To Swim
CD Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M0007-2010
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BRAD BROOKS Harmony Of Passing Light
CD 13,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00028-2012
BRAD BROOKS Spill Collateral Love
CD Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00016-2011
Tracklist: 01     Calling Everyone 02     Steal My Disarray 03     Spinner & The Spun 04     Will It Be Enough 05     Night Fades 06     Bumbelina 07     Farewell To Folderol 08     Exemplary Girl 09     Hope Is That I Got You 10     Knowin What The Moment is 11     Grand Manner Musicians: Brad Brooks (Vocals, Stylophone) Paul Hoaglin (Guitars, Electric Sitar, Bass, Vocals, Conga) Todd Roper (Drums, Percussion, Vocals) Shay Scott (Piano, Vocals) Matt Cunitz (Celeste, Hammond) Cory Wright (all Horns) Patty Espeseth (Cello) Debra Luck (Backing Vocals), Tahoe Jackson (Backing Vocals) Lauren Carter (Backing Vocals), Kyle Caprista (Backing Vocals) Ross McLeron (Saw) James Debrado (Guitars) Adam Rossi (Piano; B-3) Jeff Campbell (Backing Vocals), Jeni Wroblewski (Backing Vocals) Elisa Randazzo (Violin), Pie Fiorentino (Violin) All Songs written by Brad Brooks, except Track 1 & Track 2 by Brooks/Hoaglin, Track 7 by Brooks/Hoaglin/Roper Produced by Hoaglin/Scott @Klickitat Band Camp Recorded & Mixed by Paul Hoaglin @ Klickitat Band Camp Mixed by David Simon Baker @ Mission Bells & Laughing Tiger Mastered by Mike Wells Graphic Design by Tracy Martin; Photography by Mark Kitaoka Mouth Magic Music LLC All Rights reserved by Brad Brooks
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Tracklist: 01     This Ain’t The First Time 02     Still Wild 03     Here’s To You 04     But I Miss You 05     I Was Wrong 06     Livin’ On Memories 07     Broken Heart, Broken Bones 08     Dead Wrong 09     Didn’t I 10     This Time 11     Let Me In 12     Not Forgiving You 13     Something You Do Musicians: Lacy Younger (Vocals) Mark Goldenberg, Craig Stull, Marty Walsh, George Dearing, Billy Thompson, Andrew Bojanic (Guitars) Doug Livingston (Steel Guitar) Bob Glaub, Dave Marrota (Bass) Jon Gilutin, Nic ten Broek, Mark Gullitan, Dave Kurtis (Keys) Jon Gilutin, Mark Gullitan (Organ) Trevor Lawrence Jun., Tom Walsh (Drums) Juke Logan (Harmonica) Doug Lacy (Accordion) David Shambau (Cello) Candy Lerman (Fiddle) Wayne Nelson (Little River Band), Parrie Rich, Lacy Younger, Craig Stull, Liz Hooper (Background Vocals) All Songs written by Lacy Younger Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Val Garay Assistent Engineer: Rich Niles Recorded @ The Barn Studio/ Topanga, The Back Room/ Glendale, Proxy Music Studio/ Oceanside Mastered by Doug Sax with Sangwook Nam @ The Mastering Lab Ojai/ California Big Deal Records/Big Pond Records All Rights reserved by Lacy Younger & CACTUS ROCK RECORDS
CD 10,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00029-2012
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Single-CD Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00014-2011
CHRISTIAN & The 2120’s Single-CD
CHRISTIAN & The 2120’s Nolo Contendere
CD Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00012-2011
CHRISTIAN & The 2120’s 06:43 (EP)
CD 10,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00030-2012
Tracklist: 01     06:43 02     Crash & Burn 03     Mr. Cabdriver 04     Cckmp 05     Feels The Same 06     Everyday Mantra 07     Second Hand Jesus 08     Working For The Man Musicians: Christian Smedström (all Guitars, Bass, Lead- & Harmony Vocals, Handclaps) E. Willems (Producing, Engineering, Mixing along with Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals and additional Guitars on Working For The Man) Thomas Ponten (Mandolin on Second Hand Jesus) All Songs written by Christian Smedström, except Track 4 by Steve Earle & Track 6 by Christian Smedström & T. Modig Recorded @ Ulk-Halan Mastered by T. Bövik @ Ofelia Productions 2012 D.M.A and Misty Music All Rights reserved by Christian Smedström & CACTUS ROCK RECORDS
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THE PERSUADERS Ghost Ship Sailors
CD 12,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00031-2012
Tracklist: 01     Jesus Christ 02     Ocean Song 03     Just The Same 04     Subway To The City 05     I Ran 06     Drove It 07     Sara In Chicago 08     Melissa 09     Paper Mache 10     Sarene Musicians: Lawrence Zubia (Vocals) Thomas Laufenberg (Guitars, Harmonies) Scott Andrews (Drums, Percussion, Vocals) Phillip Rhodes (Drums) All Songs written by Lawrence Zubia, Thomas Laufenberg, Scott Andrews and Phillip Rhodes Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Jamie Woolford @The Room Sound Tempe/ Arizona Mastered by Dan Coutant @ Sun Room Audio Cornwell/ New York Additional Percussion and Programming by Jamie Woolford & Thomas Laufenberg Artwork & Cover Concept by Thomas Laufenberg & Lawrence Zubia 2012 CACTUS ROCK RECORDS All Rights reserved by The Persuaders & CACTUS ROCK RECORDS
  4:13   3:49   4:11   4:29   4:07   5:12   3:18   2:49   5:06   3:49   3:21   5:03   4:01  
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“Ms. Hyde” from LISA NOVAK from the CD “Can’t Go Back”