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Biography Still playing with first offical bandmate and co-founder of Gila Bend, James Blackhall  (bass). Gila Bend was born in on or around 1987. After a number of dufferent attempts to  find willing and able singers and drummers. Loren decided to fill the vacant vocal shoes  and still hold down lead guitar duties. High school friend Bart Blue took over on drums and  the forging of the country metal sound began immedialety. One of the band’s first song  “Cantankerous” became the first single and appeared on the debut CD “Kim Chee Cowboy”  (Still Sane). “Cantangerous” became a defining song for the Gila Bend sound.  The drum throne was occupied by a number of musicians including Marx Loeb, Ralph  Gilmore until Tommy Larkins was added to complete the Gila Bend sound. Al Perry joined  after the recording of “Kim Chee Cowboy” bringing the band up to a four piece. The band’s  second CD “Nature Burger”`(San Jacinto) was released in 1997. Gila Bend gained in  popularity and notoriety over the years including the honor of being the first recipient of  Tucson Music Awards (TAMMIES) for “Best Alternative Band”. The band’s music was  featured in Robert Loomi’s film “Dog Years” along with some original film score music from  me and a bizarre banjo-heavy version of “Ode To Joy”. Gila Bend still plays periodically and  are rumored to have a future project in the works.  I’m also a member of Al Perry’s band, filling in on lead guitar duties for some  performances and has playing on a number of Al’s records including 2009’s Three Track  Sessions.  The new band is back to the three piece roots of vintage Gila Bend with James Blackhall  on bass and Nick Augustine (former bass player for Rainer and Das Combo) on drums.  New CD “Killing The Magic” is coming out November, 26 2009 and a new video of “Guitar  Hero Gone”, directed by Jonathan Fedkiw, is due released the first week of December  2009.  I stepped back into songwriting in 2006 and has written about a hubdred tunes since. The  next CD project is already underway with a host of guest stars lined up and a new focus  on taking the country metal sound to a new more musical level while preserving the hard  rocking integrity and catchy hooks. I also working on some film music projects in the near  future and having launched the “Oranguitwang Record Label” last November. Is preparing  to produce some projects for other artists in 2010. 
Loren Dircks selbst umschreibt sich so: Singing, Songwriting und Tele-Slinger aus   Tucson/Arizona. Loren Dircks mind self about his person: Singing, Songwriting und Tele-Slinger aus   Tucson/Arizona.
2009: Loren Dircks “Killing The Magic” (Label: Oranguitwang; Mailorder: Cactus Rock   Records)
Als tonlos (cheep=piepen; piepsen) kann man das Erstlings-Werk von CHEEPNESS nun   wahrhaftig nicht bezeichnen. Ganz im Gegenteil: Da geht es rocktechnisch mächtig zur  Sache und da wird nicht von ungefähr ein kräftiges Gitarrenbrett gehobelt. Den Insidern  unter Euch dürften mindestens 3 der 4 Bandmitglieder nicht ganz unbekannt sein.  Bewegen wir uns als CACTUS ROCK RECORDS doch auch ganz bewusst im musikalischen  Orbit eines RICH HOPKINS und dem der Wüstenstadt Tucson in Arizona. Randy   McReynolds und Ernie Mendoza veredelten zahlreich Hopkins’sche Alben oder waren gar  mit seinen LUMINARIOS hierzulande auf Tour. Duane Hollis wiederum kennen wir von  Greyhound Soul (die 2. Konzerttour ging im November 2008 hierzulande über die Bühne).  Und vielfach fällt sogar der Begriff Supergroup, wenn sich herausragende Musiker  unterschiedlicher Bands zu einer neuen zusammenschließen. CHEEPNESS jedenfalls  werden diesem Attribut vollauf gerecht!  Biografie Biography IN THE BEGINNING: Some notorious Tucson rock ‘n roll animals had some songs that  needed to be played. These were songs chomping at the bit to be blasted to an  unsuspecting world dying for heavy action. These were songs to let you make it through  the crazy nights and hazy days. All these tunes needed were the musicians who created  them to come together and make them rock, the kind of rock that recalled a time when  cranking guitar extravaganza were the highest order of the day and rock fans were damn  glad of it. Connections were utilized, favors called in, wheels turned, and phone calls  made, amplifiers were turned up and so it began-the seeds of CHEEPNESS were planted.  Two years later the harvest of killerness known as "Shakin’ Hands With The King" was  sown and is now available for public consumption.    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: CHEEPNESS! If you stood on a stage and looked out at a crowd  of Tucson musicians, you’d see some very heavy hitters standing there-the Old Pueblo has  turned out some mighty players over the years. Among that crowd would be members of  Greyhound Soul, Sand Rubies, Creosote, Looseleaf, Rich Hopkins & Luminarios, Big Bug  etc. all who have made significant marks on the music world both near and far, and all  now the men we call CHEEPNESS. If you tossed four beer bottles off that same stage and  decided the first four dudes to grab them would be CHEEPNESS, you’d be out four beers,  but you couldn’t get any finer players than the personnel that cause the havoc for this  band.   THE BOYS IN THE BAND: Randy McReynolds: the face of it all with his lead vocals, rhythm and slide guitar  playing, Randy brings life to the party with silky/gritty vocals and sinewy chord work. He’s  the man who puts it all together.   Mike Sydloski: If Mike didn’t exist, you’d have to invent him. He is the kind of guitar hero  where if you play guitar you’ll wonder why you bother after he cranks a few solos in your  face. He is the future of air guitar in bedrooms around the world.   Duane Hollis: When people say Duane is a low down, dirty mutha they are talking about  the bottom end he brings to the CHEEPNESS sound with his muscular bass playing. Really,  Duane Hollis is a one man Friday night in Birmingham.   E.E. Mendoza: One of those rare drummers who doesn’t just keep time but owns time  and space with the history of the big beat emerging from his hands and feet.    Diskografie/Discography 2009: Cheepness “Shakin’ Hands With The King (Isabellene Records; Mailorder: Cactus  Rock Records)
Ken Andree -geboren 1962- kommt ursprünglich aus El Paso/Texas- und ist ebenfalls ein  ganz bezeichnendes Beispiel dafür, was aus dem Umfeld des “Godfather Of Desert Rock”  RICH HOPKINS musikalisch so alles hervorbricht. Liegt die Veröffentlichung seines Albums  “Beatitude” auch schon 6 Jahre zurück, so hat es an Dynamik und Kraft keineswegs  eingebüßt. Ganz im Gegenteil! Dieses Solowerk strotzt nur so vor Energie, Leidenschaft  und sorgfältig struktuierten Lyrics. Ken Andree -selbst ein begnadeter Sänger, Bassist und  Gitarrist- gelang es für seine eigene musikalische Visitenkarte weitere Könner ins Studio  zu holen. An erster Stelle seien da Jacob Valenzuela und Martin Wenk -beides  ausgezeichnete Bläser- von CALEXICO genannt. Aber auch ein Adrian Esparza -  Gitarrenvirtuose aus El Paso/ Texas- und Ernie E. Mendoza -Drummer”legende” aus  Tucson/ Arizona- bedürfen hier der unbedingten Erwähnung. Interessant dabei ist, dass  das Album ursprünglich unter dem Titel “All I Gotta Say” mit den gleichen Songs (aber in  anderer Abfolge und in komplett anderer Aufmachung) im gleichen Jahr erschien. Aus  Promotionzwecken war man dann wohl doch mit dem Ergebnis nicht ganz so zufrieden  und so wurde aus “All I Gotta Say” via Frischzellenkur eben “Beatitude” ... und “All I  Wonna Say” in seiner äußerst limitierten Ausgabe zum gesuchten Sammlerstück!  Biografie Biography Kenneth James Andree ... born on July 6, 1962 in Logansport, Indiana My music is a heritage of three generations. Nestled between the cactus and the coyotes.  My inspirations are the big sky, sunsets and sunrises, mountains, desert flowers and all of  the spirit creatures who visit. Only to be noticed by those who can see. Arizona bound. In  my heart, my life, my music and the love of a beautiful woman. This is my discography.   The future is now. Thanks all! Ken Andree.  Diskografie/Discography Solo 2004: Ken Andree “Beatitude” (2010: Re-Release on CACTUS ROCK RECORDS) w/ The Texicans/The New Texicans: 2001: The Texicans “Texicans” (Orange),          Producer: Michael Been; Mailorder: Tortilla Records/San Jacinto Records 1998: The New Texicans “Haul O’ Fame” (Tortilla Records)          Producer: Mike Major & The New Texicans 1995: The New Texicans “New Textament” (Tortilla Records)          Producer: Paul LeMond & The New Texicans 1993: The New Texicans “Pipe Dream” (Tortilla Records)          Producer: Ken Andree and Bob Phaup w/ Sand Rubies: 2010: Sidewinders/Sand Rubies “The Best of Sidewinders and Sand Rubies 1985-2010”          (San Jacinto Records); Producer: Rich Hopkins, 2007: Sand Rubies “Mas Cuacha” (San Jacinto Records/Blue Rose Records)          Producer: Rich Hopkins & David Slutes 2007: Sand Rubies “Live at Blue Rose Christmas Party” (Blue Rose Records)          Producer: Andy Horn 2002: Sand Rubies “Goodbye: Live at Alte Mälzerei” (San Jacinto Records/Blue Rose)          Producer: Rich Hopkins w/ Rich Hopkins & Luminarios: 2010: Rich Hopkins and Luminarios “el otro lado / the other side” (San Jacinto Records/          Blue Rose Records); Producer: Rich Hopkins & Lisa Novak 2004:  Los Monstros del Tucson Rock (San Jacinto Records)          Producer: Rich Hopkins 2003: Rich Hopkins and Luminarios “Ka-Ju-Tah” (San Jacinto Records/Blue Rose Records)          Producer: Stu Kupers, Craig Schumacher and Ricardo Hopkins 2002: Rich Hopkins and Luminarios “Official Blue Rose Bootleg Series, Gaffenberg-          Festival, Heilbronn (Germany) 6.7.2002 (Blue Rose Records)          Producer: Blue Rose Records 2002: Rich Hopkins and Luminarios “Official Blue Rose Records Series, Sinkkasten-          Frankfurt (Germany) 7.7.2002 (Blue Rose Records)          Producer: Blue Rose Records 2001: Rich Hopkins and Luminarios “Tinitus” (San Jacinto Records)          Producer: Isaac Hopkins 2001: Rich Hopkins and Luminarios “My Lucky Stars” (San Jacinto Records/Blue Rose)          Producer: Rich Hopkins 2000: Rich Hopkins and Luminarios “Devolver” (San Jacinto Records/Blue Rose Records)          Producer: Rich Hopkins with Mark Matson 1999: Rich Hopkins and Billy Sedlmayr “The Fifty Percenter” (San Jacinto Records/          Blue Rose Records) Producer: Rich Hopkins, Billy Sedlmayr, Stu Kupers and Randy          McReynolds 1998: Sun Kings/Cool Arrows “Adios” (Blue Rose Records)          Producer: Rich Hopkins and The Sun Kings,
ASTRA KELLY Biografie Biography Astra Kelly was born in Marvel, AR. and delivered by Dr. Wise. Her early interest in  music was fueled by family jams, school choirs and formal music studies. Her universal  solo style has developed into a sound she calls acoustic soul. It is a rich fusion of her  Chicago roots in acid jazz, funk and blues, merged with rock and folk elements. Her lyrics  read like poetry, speaking of emotional transformation and personal freedom. Many times  armed with only an acoustic guitar, her delivery is an intensely powerful expression of  equal parts joy and pain, balance and struggle. With the electric trio, it's gritty guitars,  bass and drums, driven by impeccable vocal wailing. She has toured extensively over the  years, both as a solo performer and as a member of various other projects. She’s also  versed in the art of improve. She was a major player in the acid jazz explosion in Chicago  with the band SUMO who never rehearsed once in 31/2 years and yet packed houses  every single week. She continued this tradition with the group FLY during her time in  Santa Fe, NM. Her work in the music industry has included managing recording studios,  graphic design, promotions/booking and industry consultation for songwriters/bands, and  now TV and on air radio personality. Astra has released four records on her Rockaway record label, including the 2004 EP in  conjunction with producer/composer, Bob DeMarco (Primary writer for Paramount TV). In  addition, she can be heard on a number of regional and national artist’s recordings and  regional compilations, most recently, WC Handy award winner Eddie Turners “Rise.”  “Rise” was produced by famed composer/artist, Kenny Passarelli (Joe Walsh, Elton John)  who lends his extraordinary bass stylings to some of Astra’s recent tracks.   Since moving to San Diego in July of 2006, Astra has appeared in the pages of City Beat,  The San Diego Reader, The NC times, and The SD Troubadour. She’s been heard on  Java Jams (CTN/Channel 4), FOX ROX (Fox Channel 6), KUSI Good Morning San Diego,  on the air at 94/9 with Tim Pyles, and on 102.1 KPRI where she DJ’s their Saturday night  local music show, The KPRI Homegrown Hour....plus she was nominated for Best  Acoustic Artist in the San Diego Music Awards. Her newest venture is as guest host every  Friday morning on NBC 7/39's Street Side San Diego in conjunction with KPRI's Concerts  on the Square. Tune in from 10am-noon. She performs live freequently, solo/acoustic,  and with her band. She hosts a Monday night showcase at Dublin Square in the Gaslamp  District featuring some of San Diego’s best local bands and songwriters, and she books  and promotes live shows under the auspices of her local radio show, "The KPRI  Homegrown Hour."   Astra reached a major turning point a few years back when she skidded on some black  ice on the way to a gig in Colorado. Her tour van rolled and she landed upside down on a  set of train tracks. In the light of the full moon with her posters and CDs scattered along  the highway, she grabbed her guitar and got to safety just in time to watch a train charge  down the tracks and crash into her tour van. This symbolic moment on her musical path  launched her into a new wave of creativity and she has emerged with strong new material  for these curious times.   Throughout the years, Astra has had the privilege to open for such acts as: Stanley  Jordan, Meshell Ndegeocello, David Wilcox, Widespread Panic, Johnette Napolitano, The Freddie Jones Band, Leon Russell, The Marshall Tucker Band, Jeff Healey, The Samples,  and members of Big Head Todd and the Monsters. 1992 - 1995: Performed with Chicago band, The Junction, on rhythm guitar and vocals;  played college circuits throughout the Midwest and east coast, as well as Chicago’s hottest  venues, including the historic Park West and Vic theatres; began playing in the subways to  expose her new original material, make a living, and to strengthen her guitar chops and  her solo performance stylings.  1995 – 1997: Played incessantly and developed a local following as a solo performer;  recorded her first CD in her Chicago apartment; played to a devoted audience every  Sunday for three and a half years with a ten piece, talent packed acid jazz and funk improv  group called SUMO; participated in a worldbeat/ jazz group, as well as a number of other  diverse projects. Painted a 6’ high by 80’ wide mural depicting the evolutionary path of  humanity at a club called Pop’s; painted a 6’ high by 80’ wide mural depicting the  evolutionary path of humanity at a club called Pop’s. Took residency there every Thursday  and presented a menagerie of music, poetry, art and spontaneous happenings; took  residency there every Thursday and presented a menagerie of music, poetry, art and  spontaneous happenings.  1997 – 1999: Joined with bass player, drummer, and electric guitar player to form her  band, Astra Kelly and Far Rockaway; presented her second CD to a sold out release party  at Chicago’s Martyrs in December of ’98; hit the road in June of ’99 booking, promoting,  and traveling solo. Played clubs and coffeehouses all throughout the western United States  including, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, as  well as southern states, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Kentucky.  1999 – 2001: Continued with what would become a fourteen month, 85,000 mile tour,  funded primarily by busking (performing on the streets for cash) and selling CDs out of her  guitar case.; released her third record while on the road, a solo/ acoustic live album,  capturing three shows surrounding the turn of the century. The marathon tour ended once  the tour van was totaled.  2001 – 2003: Settled in Santa Fe, NM. to rest and re-group. Bought forty acres of land in  the mysterious Valley and began plans for an eco-conscious music and art festival entitled;  “The Far Rockaway Fair: Earthwork Vol. 1, THE WHEEL.”; was re-united with her long lost  sister who introduced her to the new production team; began work on the new album on  Easter weekend, 2002.  2003 – 2006: Divides her time between Santa Fe and Los Angeles to continue working on  the record; plays solo shows in both cities and has initiated a new project in Santa Fe  called, FLY, based on her improvisational experiences in Chicago; after two intensely  creative years, she and the production team are celebrating a preliminary EP release.   2006 - present: Settled in San Diego, CA. Love it, love it, love it!!! See above...; formed  her new band, AK & the 47's, with Sam Johnson on Bass and James Rhinehart on drums  Diskografie/Discography 2009: Astra Kelly “Battling The Sun - EP” (Label: Rockaway Records; Mailorder: Cactus   Rock Records)
CHRISTIAN & The 2120’s Biografie Biography Christian Smedström was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, in a family marked by music. He  was no exception and the guitar became his first love. After being fed with the Beatles,  John Lee Hooker, The Rolling Stones, RL Burnside, Bob Dylan, as a teenager he turned to  the heavier hard rock and already in high school, he started his first band.  After several years, 200 gigs and a lot of songwriting with the now legendary punk rock  band Full metal jacketz, Christian went on to his next project, The Awesome Machine. The  band released four albums and toured around Europe several times. From there, Christian  went on to his project On Parole, which was leading Christian on to his solo career.  Together with Pulca studios and producers Kristoffer Ragnstam and Joel Lundberg (Maia  Hirasawa, John Me), formed Christian & The 2120's it´s unique sound.  - The name 2120's is my way of honoring one of my favorite record label, Chess Records.  Chess original address is 2120 Michigan Avenue in Chicago, says Christian.  Christian´s first album was released in 2010 and was titled "Nolo contendere". A European  tour was booked that same year and on the tour Ted Russell Kamp, a highly acclaimed  session musician and songwriter who is a member of Shooter Jennings & The 357's, joined  Christian.  From that same album "Nolo contendere" the filmmakers and Emmy Award-winners Mark  and Adam Kassen opted to use one of Christian's songs in the movie "Puncture", which  premieres in the spring of 2011. Another song "Some People" will be used in a commercial  for the State of Texas, USA during the year.  After several European tours with his debut album Christian once again went into the  studio and the sequel is in progress.  Diskografie/Discography 2010: Christian & The 2021’s “Nolo Contendere” (Label: D.M.A and Misty Music; Mailorder:   Cactus Rock Records)
LITTLE GREEN Biografie Biography It may seem unlikely that one of the most interesting bands in the genre often referred to  as Americana, resides in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. This is, however, a fact, and their  stunning new album Innocent Again is here to prove it. Thanks to bouts of touring and that   reliable phenomenon called ”word of mouth”, Little Green are starting to make waves in  their home country, as well as on the international scene. Innocent Again, their third  album, is arguably their best so far. With its inventive variations on country, folk rock,  Southern rock, and jangly guitars, it will most likely be the album that takes this already  highly-respected band to the next level. Little Green always had good songs. This time  around, everything else has fallen into place as well. Everything has improved a notch or  three: arrangements, performance, recording, mixing, and mastering. ”Compared to this  one, the first two albums were home recordings. This is ”the real thing” from start to  finish, and I think anyone will be able to hear it”, guitarist/mandolinplayer/main songwriter  Thomas Pontén enthuses. On Innocent Again, Little Green leave the folky tendencies of  their last album behind, and go for a fuller, more electric sound, with some surprises  thrown in for good measure. Basic recordings were made in Sven Karlssons and Hasse  Carlssons StudioLydde in the spring of 2010. Additional recordings were done in the States  and Thomas home studio. ”Back when MySpace was happening, Sven contacted us, told us  he liked our music a lot, and informed us about his studio. His resumé was impressive – for  instance he had played in J´s Plain Band, one of Sweden’s best Americana-bands, who had  done gigs with several of our favorite bands, including The Jayhawks”. They tried recording  For A While, and from the get go it was obvious that he understood Little Green´s music.  Soft-spoken, yet efficient, he chose the right moment for every remark he made. ”We  learned a lot from working with him. He helped us focus, become more disciplined, just a  better band in every respect. Hopefully, we’ll work with him again on the next album”. The  album is full of highlights. To begin with, it features two duets, This Is Our Life (featuring  Lisa Pedersen), and I Can Talk Again (featuring Keith Miles). Innocent Again features  background vocals by Kimmie Rhodes, whose songs have been recorded by several major  artists, including Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler. A songwriter’s songwriter who enjoys  a lot of respect from her peers. Ted Russell Kamp, with whom Little Green will do their  fourth tour in August, adds backing vocals to a couple of tracks. The lyrics move between  story songs and poetic imagery; between humour, and darker themes. The subtly Dave  Matthews-inspired Upside Down describes a poor person’s upbringing, from a Swedish  point of view, and was partly inspired by Thomas own youth. Don’t Tell Me It’s Over, an old  song that was re-worked for Little Green, now features a southern rock groove that lets the  rhythm section stretch out a little. The majestic closer, The Band Played On, describes the  day when Thomas lost all of his notes of songs on his way from a rehearsal. ”It was  catastrophe – this was before the digital age, and there was no backup. Luckily, the songs  found their way back to me somehow. But the lyrics can be seen as decribing a lost love –  which, in a way, it was!”  The nucleus of Little Green was born in 2004, when Thomas met singer/guitarist Andreas  Johannesson. ”We actually bumped into each other due to the fact that our children were  the same age”, remembers Thomas. It soon transpired that both of them were making  home recordings of songs, but had started to feel the urge to perform the material live.  Their musical tastes were similar, but not identical, making for a great blend of styles  rooted in rootsy American music. Andreas’ laid back personality, great ear and smoothly  raspy singing style blended well with Thomas driven personality, and more intense style of  playing. In 2006, they started performing as a duo, mixing original songs with material by  Tom Waits, Carly Simon and others. Deciding to apply for the Swedish Country  Championship, they made it to the finals in the alternative country genre. They were joined  by additional members on bass, and pedal steel. For the following year’s championships  they added banjo and fiddle to their sound. ”Hardcore bluegrass musicians mocked us  because we had a drum kit, but for us the styles and instrumentation are not as important  as the songwriting, which is the core of the band”, says Thomas. ”Several of my older  songs have been re-worked to suit the Little Green sound, whatever that is”. For a while,  their music was labelled Acousticana. But things were about to change. Undeterred by the  hostile reception Dylan got in the mid-sixties, the band decided to ”go electric” in the  spring of 2008, when agreeing to do their first tour with fellow Americana artist Ted Russell  Kamp. Kamp has released several well-received solo albums, as well as the bass player and  sometime songwriter for Shooter Jennings. ”I dusted off my electric guitar, and influences  by Little Feat and The Band , and Californian singer/songwriter and country rock influences  slowly started creeping in”, remembers Thomas. Open-minded listeners may also be able to  detect another, more unexpected ingredient: British new wave pop. ”I was always a sucker  for three minute pop songs, as recorded by Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson and XTC in the late  Seventies and early Eighties. This to-the-point approach surely suits their lead singer.  ”Andreas rarely feels like jamming”, Thomas smiles. Karl Wassholm was the third member  to join Little Green. His fellow bandmembers describe him as a very musical guy with  diverse musical influences: he’s a Bright Eyes-fan with metal roots which makes for a  sensitive player who can turn into a powerhouse bassplayer, when needed. Jonas Holmberg  comes from the south of Sweden ,and is the most recent member to join Little Green.  Having spent most of his adult life on the road, he has toured with major swedish ”dance  bands”, worked as a truck driver and now studies to become a pilot. What makes Little  Green different from American bands is the Scandinavian vibe that complements their  knowledge of the great West, It can be traced in the melancholic and reflective lyrics and  subtly Swedish folk harmonies.  Diskografie/Discography  2011: Little Green “Innocent Again” (Label: Paraply Records; Mailorder: Cactus Rock   Records)
BRAD BROOKS Biografie Biography Originally from sun baked Tucson, Arizona, Brad Brooks is that rare quadruple threat of  writer, player, singer, and performer. His songs combine the orchestral sophistication of  Queen, the melodic sensibility of Elvis Costello, and the punk energy of early Talking  Heads.  The music is cinematic, orchestrated, moody, and his elaborate west coast baroque  sound, rocks, pops, and breaks your heart in all the right places. His 70’s piano driven  style moves from constructed psychedelic pop anthems, through Jacques Brel-esque  satirical waltzes, to intimate Americana guitar ballads.  He cut his teeth in Tucson as the lead singer for Pollo Elastico  <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE21udTxfZ8> and has been a singer-songwriter in  the San Francisco bay area since 1990. After fronting SF bands Reckonball & Dolorosa,  he emerged as a solo artist in 2001 with the release of "Sanctified Into Astroglide.  <http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bradbrooks>" Then in 2007 he released "Spill Collateral Love" which is a visceral and psychedelic mix  that highlights the songwriter's exceptional vocal range and bold command of powerful  pop craftsmanship. Centered on piano and acoustic guitar, his expert band highlights a  host of musical luminaries, including Paul Hoaglin from The Mother Hips  <http://www.motherhips.com/news/>.  Brooks's disc is rooted in a kind of Victorian California romanticism; his vocal approach is  earnest and dramatic, but maintains a poise and sense of wry wit that keeps the release  organic yet keenly produced. Brooks even includes tape loops from S.F.'s now-defunct  carnival funhouse Musee Mechanique on a track, pushing the bands vaudevillian   influences to the forefront of his original sound.  Currently he's finishing up his new record that is to be released in 2012.  He's also has done some commercial work and has sung on the video games: (Guitar  Hero 2, Guitar Hero: Rock the 80's, as well as Karaoke Revolution presents American Idol  1& 2 and all 3 of the original Karaoke Revolution series')  Diskografie/Discography Sidewinders: Cuacha (backup vocals)  Gila Bend's: Kim Chee Cowboy (backup vocals)  Pollo Elastico: Bantams 1988-90 <http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/polloelastico>  Brad Brooks: Sanctified Into Astroglide   <http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bradbrooks> 2007- Brad Brooks: Spill Collateral Love (Mailorder: CACTUS ROCK RECORDS)  2012- Brad Brooks: Harmony Of Passing Lights (Mailorder: CACTUS ROCK RECORDS) Media: BB website <http://www.brad-brooks.com/>  BB Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/people/Brad-Brooks/547826723>  BB Twitter <https://twitter.com/BradBrooksmusic>  BB Myspace <http://www.myspace.com/bradbrooksmusic>  BB Youtube <http://www.youtube.com/user/williebb39#p/ 
CHRIS HOLIMAN  Biografie/Biography When I was in high school my friend Jeff Farr started reading about this thing called punk. We then read (in the Newsreel) that some people were putting on punk shows at a bar called Tumbleweeds in Tucson. We were only 14 so we couldn’t get in but we went down anyway. We started hanging around outside and I think the people felt bad that these kids were outside on the sidewalk at night, so they let us come in if we didn’t drink. After that we started going down every weekend and became friends with Van Christian, Dan Stuart, Jack Waterson and Chris Cacavas (the Serfers). They took us under their wings, told us about Leonard Cohen and The Velvet Underground. Later we started our band the Seldoms and started playing Tumbleweeds ourselves. I am self taught. I started with drums in the Seldoms, except I didn’t use the bass drum. Just toms, snare and cymbals. The Seldoms recorded a 45 for Subterranean and I played drums on that record. Chris Cacavas taught me a few things on keyboards and I latter moved to keyboards in the Seldoms and then guitar in The River Roses. Of course I played bass with Jacket Weather along with the great Howie Salmon and in a band called The Vegas Kids. Right now I am teaching myself Pro Tools so I am still self taught. The Seldoms were mostly about a High School friendship. Jeff Farr, Michael Donnely and I (along with Sean Murphy and Cheryl Graham) wanted to hang out and we wanted to express ourselves. What we found out along the way was no matter how primitive the music sounded we had a talent for writing songs. After the Seldoms I have spent the rest of my life writing music but I really learned I could do it there. The Seldoms music got compared to the English band The Fall a lot. I think we were Lo-Fi before it existed. The Songwriter answer is what I am writing right now is the milestone of my career. Of course people have sentimental attachments to songs I wrote at different times in my life, but I think I have been improving as a song writer all along. I remember when we got the vinyl pressing from the first River Roses record and I played it that was cool. The River Roses played the Ford Amphitheater which was across from the Hollywood bowl opening for Camper Van Beethoven. Many of my fondest memories are from Wooden Ball shows, not me playing, but the whole experience. I have been doing the Wooden Ball for eighteen years so that show really follows my experiences as a musician. I love hearing new music, not because I copy it but because it gets me excited about writing my own songs. I also love finding a new chord progression or melody. The act of creation, bringing something out of the void, inspires me. I believe art’s major benefit is to bring some order out of chaos and when that form comes into shape it is very inspiring. I am very proud of that CD. Nick Luca (producer) and I spent about year and half recording song after song, because we were looking for recordings that felt emotionally real. I think I wrote at least 100 songs for that project and recorded maybe 50 of those. We settled on 12 songs and I think it is the closest I have come as a songwriter or singer to producing something greater than the sum of its parts. It is kind of a quiet CD very acoustic and a little sad, so it probably isn’t the most commercial thing I’ve done (if anything I’ve done is commercial)  but I think it is very good. Of course having Tom Larkins, Joey Burns, Gene Ruley, Nick Luca and Neil Harry play on the CD didn’t hurt. Diskografie/Discography 2009: “The Sailor’s Daughter” (Label: Mud-Time Music; Mailorder: Cactus Rock Records)  
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